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Trigger's BBQ is a premier and authentic BBQ Restaurant that has been proudly serving  Pawhuska, Osage County and beyond since 2020. (Well way before then, but Capt. is retired now and living his dream.)  Yup, 2020, Trigger's BBQ is one of the few, and finest things to come out of 2020! Since then, my job has been to provide high-quality food for all those that wish to combine fun and make memories in a Historic Town. Most folks in business say this is my mission statement. I have been on real missions, and a real mission is a statement just with force. Most folks with a business mission are just trying to copy terms and sound smart for Stockholders and investors.  That is not a mission. There is no AAR at the end of this day, just a duty to provide good BBQ and memories.   Scroll down to learn more about us.

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